​Given the opportunity many of us could spend a lot of time making our food decisions. In fact, research suggests that the average person makes around 250 food decisions each day! Everything from how the food looks, smells and tastes to how it was grown and processed to whether or not it is good for our bodies can come into play. All of these factors and more are what make up Balance. For us, Balance is how we link elements of wellness, sustainability and humanity to guide us in our decisions about the foods we purchase, prepare and serve. Balance is also our commitment to you, our customers and clients, to support your wellness, sustainability and humanity priorities. 



    Eating well is about more than simply having good food available. We need to be inspired to make those good choices. Our commitment to wellness includes offering delicious food that nourishes our bodies, providing information and incentives that make choosing these foods front of mind and encouraging active lifestyles.



    We believe that the health of our eco-system is directly connected to the health of our communities and people who live in them. Acting responsibly is part of our DNA and we are committed to continually finding new ways to adopt sustainable practices. We have developed a strong sustainability platform that benefits our food system, environment and the well-being of our customers.



    Beyond the effect food has on us when we eat it, the human impact of food expands to those who grow it, produce it, prepare it and serve it. Our commitment to humanity looks to support the communities involved in all of the steps that bring our food from seed to table.


    It takes you.

    Balance is a journey that we want to take with you. To achieve the goal of a healthier individual, healthier community and a healthier plant we all must personally engage in this effort. We hope you will join us here and in our cafes, dining halls and cafeterias.

What best describes your eating style?

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