Penne with Brazilian Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew
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30 mins
Total Time:
50 mins
A Brazilian stew with whole wheat pasta.
Portion size: 1-1/2 cup stew, 1 tbsp cilantro
420 Calories; 89 g Carbohydrates; 2 g Fat; 0 g Saturated Fat; 19 g Protein; N/A Cholesterol; 20 g Fiber; N/A Potassium; 600 mg Sodium; N/A Added Sugars
Main Ingredients:
Styles / Themes:
3 Cup Barilla Dry Whole Wheat Rigate Penne Pasta
1 cup Chopped Onions
2 each Minced Garlic Cloves
1 lb Peeled, Diced Sweet Potatoes
3/4 cup Sliced Serrano Peppers
1/1/2 cup Water
1lb, 14 oz Canned, Drained Black Beans
1 cup Peeled, Diced Mango
1/2 cup Fresh Chopped Cilantro
1 each Whole Bay Leaf
1 spray Cooking Spray (Pan Coating)
1lb, 8 oz Canned Diced Tomatoes
1. Place the penne in boiling water for 8-10 minutes or until al dente (still retaining some firmness in texture). Drain and then set aside.
2. In a large pot, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add the onion and sweat until tender. Next add the garlic, sweet potatoes,
bell pepper, tomatoes, chile pepper and water. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer 15 minutes,
until sweet potatoes are tender.
3. Add the black beans and cook uncovered until heated through. Mix in the mango and cook for 3-5 minutes. Garnish with cilantro.
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